Raindrop Therapy is the application of therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck, and feet, bringing balance and harmony to the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally.​ This wonderfully rejuvenating and deeply relaxing topical application of therapeutic essential oils combines several holistic modalities, bringing the body back into balance in a non-invasive manner by stimulating all of the body systems on a physical and emotional level.  The oils used in Raindrop are therapeutic grade and NOT adulterated oils. Adulterated oils contain synthetic chemicals or compounds and can be harmful to the body.

The primary benefits of Raindrop Therapy are:

  • Reduces Pain – not only reduces chronic back pain but also benefits other body systems. The analgesic ingredients in the essential oils help reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Helps Relief Stress & Improve Emotional Well-being - Therapeutic essential oils have a normalizing effect on the nervous system making them ideal for reducing stress, anxiety and tension.The oils can immediately penetrate cell membranes and diffuse through the blood and tissues instantly in a matter of seconds! The oils also cross the brain-blood barrier and effect the limbic system, the part of the brain which controls our mood, behavior and emotions. Raindrop therapy will have you smiling and back to your normal self in no time. 
  • Relax Muscles – Sore, spastic or stressed muscles will also benefit from Raindrop Therapy. Basil, wintergreen, marjoram, cypress and peppermint essential oils help with all the common muscle conditions.
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation - World wide studies have identified several essential oils as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. These include wintergreen, peppermint and thyme, which are included in this therapy. 
  • Helps Improve Circulation – Essential oils can be most beneficial in boosting circulation due to oxygenating properties. The essential oils of cypress, thyme, marjoram and peppermint all have properties that increase circulation and act as a circulatory stimulant.
  • Helps Detox the Body Systems - The therapeutic oils used in Raindrop therapy are high in phenols hence, cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance the lymphatic system.
  • Helps improve Immune function  – Thyme and oregano essential oils are known to support the immune system. They also create an unfavorable environment for harmful viruses and bacteria that can hibernate and lay dormant in the body.

In short, the benefits of this therapy go well beyond the physical benefits. Raindrop not only helps to relieve pain and restore immediate physical well-being, but it can also set in motion the healing processes that will last for weeks.



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